Six types of coffee drinks explained

Types of coffee Devon hand-roasted coffee

There are often so many types of coffee on a coffee-house menu that it can be overwhelming. Do you know your flat white from a latte, or an expresso from an amerciano?

We asked Mike, our Master Barista, to explain the difference between the coffees we serve at Blinis. Here’s what he had to say.


A cappuccino is the traditional Italian blend of 1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk and 1/3 stiff milk froth on top. When drinking a cappuccino, you experience the foam first and then the rich milky coffee.


Many people think a latte is a milkier cappuccino, but it’s more complex than that. A latte, our most popular coffee, is made from textured milk into which is poured a single shot of espresso. It’s served in a glass and has a thin layer of milk microfoam on top.

Flat White

The basic ingredients of a flat white are similar to a latte and a cappuccino but the difference is the texture of the milk and the amount of espresso (double shot). The milk is steamed and poured from the bottom of the jug, holding back the froth on the top of the milk. This creates a velvety and smooth cup of coffee.


A mocha is a mix between a cappuccino and a hot chocolate. It’s made with a combination of chocolate powder and a shot of espresso, topped with steamed milk and a layer of microfoam. We find Mocha is always a popular drink in the winter.


An americano, also known as a long black, is your traditional black coffee, hot water with an espresso shot poured on top of the water.


For a quick caffeine fix, an espresso is the way to go! Espresso is a full-flavoured, concentrated form of coffee made by forcing pressurised, hot water through very finely ground coffee beans. An espresso is a short coffee drink served in single or double shots.

If you have a coffee favourite that doesn’t feature on our menu, please ask. Mike is a whizz with our espresso machine and loves a coffee challenge. He will endeavour to make your perfect coffee just the way you like it!


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